If you are a cybersecurity professional or an IT team, you may have heard of Tenable.io, a cloud-based vulnerability management platform. Tenable.io offers a service level agreement (SLA) that ensures that their customers receive the expected level of service. In this article, we will dive into Tenable.io`s SLA and what it means for their customers.

What is an SLA?

A service level agreement, or SLA, is a contract between a service provider and a customer that specifies the level of service that the customer can expect. SLAs typically outline the metrics that the service provider will use to measure their performance and the consequences if they fail to meet those metrics.

What is Tenable.io?

Tenable.io is a cloud-based vulnerability management platform developed by Tenable, a leading cybersecurity company. Tenable.io provides organizations with comprehensive visibility into their network and infrastructure, allowing them to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, and mitigate them before they are exploited.

What does Tenable.io`s SLA include?

Tenable.io`s SLA includes several metrics that they use to measure their performance, including uptime, availability, and customer support. Below is a breakdown of each metric:

1) Uptime – Tenable.io guarantees 99.9% uptime for their cloud-based platform. If Tenable.io fails to meet this metric, customers will receive a credit towards their next billing cycle.

2) Availability – Tenable.io guarantees that their platform will be available to customers 24/7/365. If Tenable.io experiences any downtime, customers will be notified in advance, and the downtime will not count towards the uptime metric.

3) Customer support – Tenable.io provides multiple levels of customer support, including phone, email, and chat. They guarantee timely responses to customer inquiries and prioritized handling of critical issues.

Why is Tenable.io`s SLA important?

Tenable.io`s SLA is important because it provides customers with assurance that they will receive the expected level of service. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and frequent, organizations need reliable and comprehensive vulnerability management tools to keep their infrastructure secure. Tenable.io`s SLA ensures that their platform is available and reliable when organizations need it the most.


Tenable.io`s SLA is a vital component of their cloud-based platform, providing customers with the assurance that they will receive the expected level of service. With their comprehensive vulnerability management tools and reliable platform, Tenable.io is a leading cybersecurity company that organizations can trust to keep their infrastructure secure.