As a professional, it`s important to understand that Angie`s List is a website that allows consumers to access reviews of local businesses, including contractors. Many contractors who are listed on Angie`s List wonder if the site charges them for their services.

The short answer is, yes, Angie`s List charges contractors for their services. However, the way they charge varies depending on the type of service being offered.

Angie`s List offers two types of services for contractors: the first is called the “Basic Listing,” which is free for contractors, but provides only limited exposure on the site. The second type of listing is the “Angie`s List Certified” program. This program allows contractors to advertise their services on the site, which increases their visibility to potential clients. However, it does come with a cost.

To become a certified contractor on Angie`s List, contractors must pass a background check and meet certain minimum requirements. Once a contractor is certified, they can purchase a variety of advertising options, including Priority Service, Priority Search, and Featured Deals. The cost of these options varies, but can range from $150 to $600 per month.

In addition to advertising fees, Angie`s List also charges contractors a commission fee for each job they obtain through the site. The commission fee is typically around 10 percent of the total job cost, which can add up quickly for contractors who obtain a lot of business through the platform.

While Angie`s List does charge a fee for its services, many contractors find that it`s worth the cost due to the increased exposure and potential for new business. However, it`s important for contractors to carefully consider the potential costs before signing up for the service.

In conclusion, Angie`s List does charge contractors for its services, but the cost varies depending on the type of service being offered. While the fees may seem steep to some, the increased visibility and potential for new business may make it a worthwhile investment for contractors looking to grow their business.